Every test is a testament to our commitment to precision and quality, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards in the industry. 

Dr. Haider Anwar, Associate lab director at Lox companyfor Quality Control and Certification Ltd.

Physical Testing

Food and food products are one of the most significant sources of our lives. Numerous types of food and food products inter our community every single day. The majority of these products are imported from neighboring countries. As the first Iraq quality accreditation system (IQAS) certified lab in all of Kurdistan, Lox’s priority is to make sure that these products are safe for human consumption and are of high quality as well. For that reason and many more, Lox’s find it’s a priority to conduct physical tests for all items interred from international crossing borders under our authority.

Physical testing refers to the test methods used to evaluate the different physical properties of a food product. Commonly tested properties of food products include color, viscosity, weight, thickness, size, appearance, defects, purity, the texture of the granulation, safety, and many other tests. Our full time is well-trained to work efficiently to ensure that the food and food products are safe and are of high quality before reaching the consumer.