In our lab, we conduct rigorous tests on all our products, leaving no compound unexamined to consistently meet the standards of quality and safety. 

Dr. Omed Ameen, Associate lab director at Lox company for Quality Control and Certification Ltd.

Petrochemical Testing

Lox company quality control laboratories across Kurdistan region provide an extensive quality control testing for petroleum, fuels, asphalt, refined products, petrochemicals, gases, liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Motor oil and engine oils, Jet oil, and other hydrocarbon products. We are trying to bring a world-class and comprehensive quality control testing and report system that aims to provide a better quality of fuels, reduce pollutants and emissions that contribute to the health and environmental issues. the mentioned points are major sources of respiratory illness, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer, and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. In addition, low-quality fuels and lubricants can cause vehicles to perform badly and damage the engine and exhaust system which obviously has a great impact on individual income and development processes throughout the country.

Our fuels and lubricant testing laboratories are operated based on common international standards including ASTM, ISO, IP, Iraqi standards, DIN, NOM, and many other international protocols. These standard operating procedures drive our laboratory results toward supporting the industry and client demands. Consequently, a huge impact will be detected on the reduction of health and environmental considerations which have been serious challenges for both Kurdistan and Iraqi populations. Lox company company prefers to rather focus on the reduction of the level of the challenges than benefits.   

Evaluation, testing, and measurements of the lab outcomes are performed by fully qualified staff (chemists) and scientific advisors who are holding Ph.D., MSc, and bachelor degrees. On the similar base, most of the world-class and highly sophisticated test facilities from the famous technological manufactures are provided in the lab including, ERAVAP, ERASPEC, Automatic flash pointer, Viscometer, WDXRF, Density meter, Cloud and pour point, and Advanced distillation system and others.   After a professional investigation and comparing results with an international standard range, and signed by lab senior management the test results reported to the clients using a sophisticated and well-established database.