Here in our biology lab, we take great pride in meticulously testing all products and ensuring that our operations run seamlessly. 

Hozan Jalil, Lab coordinator at Lox company for Quality Control and Certification Ltd.

Biological Testing

We here at Lox have a noble mission: to serve our society through tracking the hygienic status of imported foods. As the first Iraq quality accreditation system (IQAS) certified lab in all of Kurdistan, we are committed to the pursuit of inspecting and handing out fair reports of any food samples coming to our lab through scientific procedures, and standardized scholarly endeavors. We choose carefully the right scientific environmental conditions to handle the food samples in professional ways. This is aided by highly trained quality control employees.

Our routine work is assessing the hygienic status of different types of imported foods through counting microbes via various culturing techniques. Furthermore, detecting spoilage and food poisoning microbes such as E.coli O157: H7 and Salmonella in our daily task. Additionally, evaluation of a variety of goods by our team could provide a clearer picture of hazard analysis and critical control point systems that encompass all stages of production, processing, and distribution i.e. before reaching the hands of consumers.